Monday, May 14, 2007

Movie Review - Metro

I saw a Marathi Play once (Final Draft) in which the protagonist (a writer) insists on a ‘happy ending’. The makers of Metro have stretched this concept to its limit. A movie which promises to tell us the ‘bitter truth’ about life in a metro unfortunately ends in ‘Golmaal’ like climax.Result – In an attempt to please everyone…..what could have been very good movie ends up being just about average! Remember Page- 3 where the climax took the movie up a notch?What is above average; nay excellent is the standard of acting. It is heartening to see all 7 young leads do a fantastic job. Konkana, Irfaan Khan and Kay Kay are without doubt the standout performers. Shilpa Shetty is pleasant surprise for coming up with a very sensitive performance.Dharam Paaji’s romance with Nafisa Ali, besides being gross, irritates like apple skin stuck in your teeth. Their story has no head or tail; both veterans are found wanting in their dialogue delivery and have absolutely no chemistry.
The music is another highlight of the Movie. 'Hai tujhe bhi Ijhaajat' touches your heart as perfectly written and sung for the situation.
To summarize, Metro is a welcome change; coming close on the heels of Ta Ra Rum Pum (Saif romancing Rani in a hideous wig + 2 irritatingly cute kids ) and that pansy superhero from Hollywood. It stands out as a bold attempt to show the changing mentality of people in the grind of a metro. Not bold enough alas to end on a realistic note!


krupali said...

ah life in a metro..
i live in a metro and my life is anything but that. obsessed with promiscuity and sentimentality is what the film is..

to sum it up..i cudnt stand seeing the entire film..left it after the interval!
bravo ..good reading

khyatee said...

METRO.... should be nominated for the razzies awards (bollywood special entry) and i am sure that we will hands down win it!!

the life in a metro is anything but that ... guess sumwhere its negative publicity of the city of mumbai... dunno if mr. basu is from d city itself... so the perspective is very much biased(may be just like mine)

over all...
negative rating raise to infinity for the film!