Sunday, May 20, 2007

Parliament Idol ---- Reality Shows ka Baap!!

I am a sucker for reality television. There…I said it out laud finally! Can’t get enough of those reality shows on TV. This is the age of Video Games, Harry Potter and Lords of the Ring; where who you are is defined by which gadgets you have, and we all need to get in touch with the ‘Real World’ at least once in a while. And What better way to do it than watching TV! That is why I am such a reality show freak.
I love them all.... Roadies (where pretty faces make asses of themselves around the country), Big Boss (last desperate attempt for showbiz losers and out of work actors before they slit their wrists like Janhavi Kapoor), Fame Gurukool (yup..'Kool' is the word. No matter how repulsive you are....u can count on these guys to give ur ugly ass a make-over!).
Cant wait for the new one with Suniel Shetty and sum 'dharati pe Bojh' fatsos. Since I am in a 'confession' mode, let me also say that i cried like a little girl when my entry was rejected in this show. How i longed for a chance to lose those love handles in front of millions!! Why Suniel why??? Was I not fat enough for your show??.
Anyway...coming back to the point....I cannot emphasize the need for some 'reality on TV enough.

Some skeptics might say, “How about going out and interacting with people?”
Well….”Up yours suckers!! I’d rather plant my behind in the couch, take the remote and watch ‘Normal people’ in ‘Abnormal situations’.”

However, like a drug addict, I want more and more reality each time I want to get high on it….and right now there is not enough reality all channels combined to satisfy my cravings.

So I introduce to you ‘The Parliament Idol’------- Reality shows ka Baap!!
Here, young wannabes compete to become the best Politician. The prize is a ticket for next elections from party of his choice. And if you lose….backstage passes to the party in the Parliament (like ambani, jaya bachchan etc).


Sharad Pawar (aka ‘the cool customer’)--- He is one character juggling effortlessly between Union Ministry, running the BCCI (& trying to topple the ICC!) and ghost directing the Maharashtra State politics. He will advise the participants the importance of Selfless work.

Uma Bharati (aka ‘the feisty sanyasan’)---- She will talk (rather shout) to the contestants to separate ‘Men’ from ‘Boys’. She will also train them to be loyal to her party seniors and how to ‘get along’ with people.

Laloo Prasad Yadav ( aka ‘the maverick’)---Back from his world tour, performing mostly in management schools…this Rock Star will ask the questions even he doesn’t know answers to!...(What the hell do you do with Bihar for example…)

Narendra Modi (aka ‘the maniac’)---He is surprise packet guys. No one knows what is coming!...So all Hindu contestants….wear sumthing saffron. And non-Hindus….well…don’t forget to wear the bulletproof vests we give you..:)

ANCHOR --- Chocolate Boy, Amar Singh from Uttam Pradesh (formerly known as Uttar Pradesh…..Big B can sell the lousiest product…don’t u think??) will be anchoring the show. So don’t miss the first episode guys……this heartbreaker makes an entry from the Ganga Ghat like Bo Derek in that.

So guys…lets get our reality on!!!....Auditions starting in your city sooooooon.

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