Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Age Einstein

I got this mail recently..........................

Petrol in Pakistan Rs17 per litr
Malaysia Rs 18 per litr
In India it's 48 per litr
Why this difference in Asia itself ? World Market CRUDE Oil is not the reason for this. It's all Gain for private owners? As we are thegeneral public, or Common Man as R.K.Laxman wud hv said, we have toraise our voice, let's raise thru Emails.We forward so many junk email to many of our friends, now let us do it for some useful cause to cut down the price of the petrol .. ...REMEMBER : MAY 22nd 2007

This is a letter addressed to the Rocket Scientist cum Philanthropist who wrote this:

When I read your mail, I couldn’t help asking……….. why????
What possessed you to write such a mail?
I could think of 3 reasons:

1. This is just a piece of shit thrown on the wall; hoping that it sticks! But I like you already so lets discount that.

2. For the good of the people: Making petrol cheaper means people not thinking as much before burning it! That in turn means more CO2 at a signal as I wait for the green light………..yummy! More means more global warming. Wont that be fun…considering we live directly south of the biggest mountain range the world?...not to mention part of Bengal that’s below sea level. In short, water problem solved!!

3. For the good of the Country: Some of the major problems in front of our country are,
· Border Security (Siachen, Bangladesh, J & K)
· Internal Security ( ULFA, LTTE, NAXALS, JKLF….ring any bell??)
· Population Explosion
· Outbreak of AIDS
· Farmers committing suicide
Are these problems or their possible solution in any way related to price of gasoline? But never mind....I trust you. I am sure problems solved with cheaper petrol are far more important than the ones mentioned above.

I feel grateful to you for bringing to my attention such a pivotal issue. God! I have a lump in my throat….I think I am going to cry. As a token of appreciation, let me suggest an even better solution---- Relocate to Pakistan! Think about it… can drive your ass around the country without a worry in the world! Even shop for guns and heroin while you are at it. I’ve heard those things are cheaper there too…
You are Welcome!!


alter ego said...

yeah come to think of it everyone does want to focus on petrol prices. 9 out of 10 people won't have heard of the 'other problems' anyway

Vrushali Deshpande said...

info incorrect

life happens said...

why does this post seem like an attempt to produce forced sarcastic humor. I like humor! humor comes out well to!

but dont u think bankin on some1 who wants to raise voice isnt the most bold thing to do?