Friday, June 15, 2007

Domestic Disturbance!!

I read this news recently about an Indian Couple in USA who was arrested for enslaving and torturing two south asian women.Shocking as it may seem, the attitude of an average Indian is deplorable to say the least!How many times have you heard people whining about how much the "Bais" charge these days....and how the 'situation' was so much better in the past?If you think about it....what we spend on domestic help is not even 1-5% of our monthly income. Yes...Just 1 to 5 Rs for every 100 you earn..for a job you NEVER will do! It's less than what you'll spend on a movie or a dinner. Good bargain for someone without whom many households will come to a standstill...right? Did I mention they have NO health insurance....No Sick/Casual leaves?? Hell....they dont even have a weekly off like the rest of the world! national Holidays either. Ever thought how amused you'll be if your 'Bai' skipped work on Republic Day??"What the hell has she got to do with it?" You might say to yourself as you plant your behind in the sofa to watch the parade!So the next time you hear anyone cribbing about how much money they have to pay the domestic help, remind yourself....we are lucky!!you know why?..Because even if they demand ten times as much, we are going to PAY! We are too freaking lazy and too addicted to someone else cleaning up our mess!So Shut your trap...and pay up!!


Aditya said...


Brilliant as usual!

Sushil said...

dude....if you have not already noticed...the situation is changing....(atleast the people I see). Bai has becomes THE most important member of the family, I see my mom and wife talk to her more sweetly than they have spoken to anyone else I have known :-). And the most important thing is THEY KNOW THIS FACT.

Just another perspective on the point you brought up, not necesarily contradicting your view s :-)

green-eyed goblin said...

hey you are absolutely right. People should be more humane. And btw this happens pretty much only in Most parts of Europe Charwomen do have a weekly off. and they take vacation for Christmas and suchlike fests....

Ashutosh said...

well.. just one do you look at your bai? (no pun intended) and will you willingly give her what you think she is worth.
The point my dear friend that you should want to make would work from bai to every employee of every corporation government, buisness.
Alas sad truth is in the jungle the bigger and badder survives.
let me know, what you think.