Thursday, June 7, 2007

I have a Dream!

Yes! Just like Martin Luther King, I have a Dream! And I hope it moves my fellow countrymen just as much as the everlasting speech.

1. I have a dream....that Shilpa Shetty realizes Big brother is over!! You aren’t a part of any popularity contest anymore Shilpa. This is what she had to say about her future plans in a recent interview. "I am opening a restaurant in London. I am launching a perfume. And I want to continue to be a good daughter to my parents. That will be my biggest achievement." Nice plan Shilpa! I wish we could vote you off showbiz for serving such a load of crap!!
The only good thing about it is that my parents might hear it. They'll finally realize how hard it is to be a good they can stop giving me hard time for being 'difficult'.

2. I have a see a Yashraj movie without following sickening clich├ęs:
-- A punju character who seems to be either on Ecstasy or Viagra. Notice how these characters either break into a bhangra move every now and then...or hit on anything that moves!
-- Hero who calls old hags around him 'sexy'!
-- Kids who know every detail of their parents' love story!

3. I have a dream....that Ram Gopal Verma knows we don’t give a rat's ass about his sholey remake anymore!
First there were those innumerable changes in casting; and now the fiasco about it's name.
It was changed from 'Ram Gopal Verma ke sholey' to 'Ram Gopal Verma ka Gabbar' because of copyright issues. Now as it turns out, even 'Gabbar' has been copyrighted by the sippys. So it's going to be 'Ram Gopal Verma ka azgar'! I just hope Rajiv Rai has copyrighted the 'Azgar Jurrat' from his unforgettable 'Vishwatma'! That'd be fun...right?

4. I have a dream....that Abhishek Bachchan stops acting like some west coast rapper! Abhi, leave being a trendsetter to your daddy...will you? You are like that kachcha nimbu in galli cricket who gets to bat 3 times just because his daddy is secretary of the building!!! Besides, gangsta people don’t run off to Varanasi to do 'Sankat Mochan' before they get married! Only thing pimpin about you is that you are sleeping with a wh.................well you get the picture.

5. I have a dream....that someone tells the following people to find something they CAN do!
-- Arbaaz Khan
-- Ashmit Patel
-- Amrita Arora
-- Riya Sen
These dumbasses wont take the let me explain it to them. Honeys...this is how it works.
Your Mommy, Daddy, Brother or Sister (as applicable to each) is an astronaut doesnt mean YOU get to walk on the moon!!
PS. Feel free to add to this list. But anyone who disagrees will have to name 5 films of each one of them before writing a HATE mail or acidic comments.


Aditya said...


This is hilarious!!

Shabnam said...

Hey Nice one!
Well the list of actors you have mentioned are all FC of the industry...well dont jump to conclusion of wat FC is...!!
FC= Fukat Chand (of film industry)!!

firefly! said...

hey, was jus browsin, i really liked your blog...
these are the five flicks of arbaaz khan....
1. Hello brother
2. shootout at lokhandwala
3. Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya?
4. Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya
5. Hulchul


tho i had to google it!

firefly! said...

LOlZ! thanks for the compliments tho i think my blog isnt all tht great!!

btw, evn google cudnt help me about the others!! (i wish they'd take ur advice!)

firefly! said...

lolz! words of wisdom, i say!